Monitoring, automation, control, and analytics in one platform

Connect to any hardware in real-time for reliable reporting, control and critical decision-making.

1. Measure

Connect to any data, device or sensor at any location

2. Monitor

Analyse, evaluate and create customisable reports

3. Master

Control your site and data from any web-enabled device


Envault delivers data management services across disaster, environmental, built environment and irrigation.


We turn data into actionable alerts to help you prepare, manage and automate your response to natural disasters.


We turn data into auditable compliance management. For environmental data that fulfils quality managed, protection and compliance requirements.

Built Environment

We turn data into real-time and long term asset management. Keep communities moving, and detect faults before they occur with industry-leading data acquisition, dissemination and automation.


We turn data into actionable water allocation and optimisation insights. Control irrigation schedules, reduce water usage, manage infrastructure, and provide remote configuration and alerting.

Envault easily integrates into your business

Our comprehensive training, always on customer support and no vendor lock-in means Envault integrates easily with your business.

Our data technicians train your team on how to turn data into action.

Customer Support
With customer support available 24/7 we make site control easy.

No vendor lock in
Integrate seamlessly with all your instrumentation.

Envault puts you in charge of your data

Tailor reporting to your business needs – now and in the future


Real time data for instant insights and action


Reliable uptime with global access


Bespoke data management solutions


Share data across organisations and platforms

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Turn data into action.
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Envault creates bespoke data solutions for your business helping you measure, monitor and master your data.