Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) had been using DataSight alongside several other different data management software packages to store, manage and analyse their environmental data generated across the state.

Beginning in 2021 and throughout 2022, IDEQ began the process of selecting and implementing a single environmental data management solution to be used state wide, with DataSight being selected after extensive internal reviews and reflection upon user experiences.

Rolling out a major project like this during COVID has been challenging, however with travel restrictions being lifted, the project is progressing to its next phase. Aquamonix personnel will be travelling to Idaho to support the DataSight implementation with detailed discussion, project design and training being conducted. DataSight was selected due to its flexibility, simplicity, and the robustness of its core features, one of which being the way in which DataSight has been designed to enable the user to undertake the science their way.


  • Simple to complex in-built charting and visual data representation.
  • Capacity to ingest all manner of data including time series, discrete sample, all the way through to basic biological data in one application.
  • Powerful filters allowing the user to drill down into data sets across regions, sites, and analytes.
  • Extensive in-built reporting tools allowing IDEQ to be independent.


IDEQ is in the initial stages of rolling out DataSight across the entire state of Idaho. The end objective being to enable the regional offices in undertaking the detailed data management necessary for environmental data with support from their head office located in Boise. This will provide Idaho with an excellent, proven, and managed environmental data set that will be a major asset for the state will into the future.

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